Doc Martin

Doc Martin

Martin Clunes confesses he revelled in the surliness of Dr Martin Ellingham: “I loved being loathsome, it is very liberating!? says Martin.

Martin ClunesDR Martin Ellingham

Louisa gets too involved with things and is a bit of a busy body. She can be presumptuous and sometimes jumps to conclusions too quickly. But she has people’s best interests at heart.

Caroline CatzLouisa Glasson

We liked the idea of reversing the usual ’fish out of water’ scenario which can happen when a ‘townie’ settles in a small rural place. Instead of the village appearing strange and unusual, in our series it is the incoming doctor who is the quirky character, whom the inhabitants find hard to fathom.

Philippa BraithwaiteProducer

I like the very English quality she has of understating emotions rather than letting it all hang out, she keeps them under strong reins.

Stephanie ColeAunt Joan Norton

The historic fishing village of Port Isaac, on the North Cornwall coast, plays the part of Portwenn in Doc Martin. The Platt, the Cornish name for a market square, is at the heart of the village, by the harbour, and was the location for the lifeboat day gala in the first episode of Doc Martin

Port IsaacPortwenn